Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Goddard Won't Name Names in Anthony

Rep. Joseph Cervantes asked Sid Goddard last night to name names after Goddard, a candidate for County Clerk, asserted that he had proof that two county commissioners had voted twice "a few years ago." "Voting twice is a fourth degree felony," said Cervantes, suggesting that it would be entirely appropriate for him to name the persons who had voted twice. Goddard refused to do so, asserting that the commissioners in question had voted twice before he (Goddard) had become county chairman of the Republican Party and that the statute of limitations had expired. Cervantes, who headed the House Judiciary Committee until two years ago, indicated that he had held hearings about voter irregularities precisely because there were persistent rumors about voter fraud, but very little evidence to confirm it. In spite of repeated requests for those with specific information to step forward there were none. This encounter took place last night at the candidates' forum at the Women's Intercultural Center in Anthony.

Earlier, Goddard and Ellins responded to questions from a moderator about their qualifications to be county clerk. Goddard stressed his experience in the merchant marines and as a manager at a Toyota plant, while Ellins stressed his legal background and his experience in the last two years as director of the Bureau of Elections in Dona Ana County.

Jim Schoonover, the incumbent county treasurer running for re-election, was absent from the debate, as was George Murphy, running for Magistrate Judge. David Gutierrez was present and defended his terms in office as treasurer. Judge Kent Wingenroth stressed his willingness to work with the public, especially with young people.

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