Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nepotism at UNM?

The Albuquerque Journal reported this week that UNM has hired Brian Schmidley, the son of UNM President David Schmidley, to be "associate director of sustainability," a position worth $94,000 per year, passing over a number of highly qualified applicants. Schmidley has served as marketing director at Centex Homes for the past year and a half.

The job of "associate director of sustainability" apparenly is to plan for UNM to reduce greenhouse emissions.

The appointment has been criticized not only for nepotism, but also as part of a pattern of cronyism at UNM. Schmidley himself has been criticized for his lack of experience in the reduction of greenhouse emissions. Moreover, UNM faculty members have complained for many years they are underpaid in comparison with similar universities, making it difficult to retain top faculty.

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Paula Scott said...

Not only are faculty paid below market value, but staff members even more so.
Interesting starting salary for an Associate Director. That would put Brian at beyond the mid range. I worked at UNM for 10 years and never got close to mid-range. All salary increases were due to cost of living or hourly wage changes (few and far between).