Friday, October 31, 2008

Tomorrow's Post: Jose Z. Garcia Comments on the Meaning of these Elections to the South Valley

On Sunday, November 2, Jose Z. Garcia will comment about the meaning of the 2008 elections to the South Valley. Will he endorse candidates? Will he talk about the Guv? Will he talk about the campaign? Log in on Sunday, or subscribe to the email version, and find out!

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Anonymous said...

As a recent reader to this blog I find Dr Garcia's blog to be right on target.( This is the only Blog that is willing to tell the truth) I hope he does tell the truth on how little Gov Richardson has done to help us in the south valley. Gov Richardson is great on doing press conferences but him and his staff never follow thru.

Gov Richardson has done nothing for-

Flooding in Vado
Crime in Anthony
Has not hired anyone from the south valley to work on his staff
Has not increased Border Trade
Helena Factory issue, him and Sect Curry have only given us lip service