Thursday, October 23, 2008

Valley Lifestyle: In Mesquite they Vote in Limousines

If you see limousines driving around the South Valley for the next 11 days, the odds are it is either another presidential surrogate or candidate coming to woo the voters, or else the Mesquite Community Action Committee in action: the Voters in Progress (VIP) program.

It is becoming a tradition in Mesquite for some voters to ride to the polls in limousines provided by the Mesquite Community Action Committee (MCAC). This year, as in 2004 and 2006, MCAC will offer any registered voter from San Miguel to Anthony a free ride to Anthony to vote early and on election day to the regular polls for those who have not yet voted. Just call Martie Olivas at 575 642 2107 or Arturo Uribe at 575 233 3084 to make arrangements.

Why Limousines? Is this a trend or fad, like Croc shoes or shaved heads or pierced eyebrows?

Not really, says Arturo Uribe, executive director of the MCAC. "Its cheaper and much easier to get people into a 10 passenger limo than a 10 passenger van. You've got to pay extra for weekend rates with the van. A limo is by the hour."

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