Thursday, November 6, 2008

Elections Over: Time to forge an agenda for the Valley. Suggestions welcome

Now that elections are over, this would be a good time to start forming an agenda for the Valley. This needs to be a collective effort, not just from one person. In this spirit, I will be happy to publish suggestions sent to me and signed, as long as they aren't too long and the language is appropriate for young readers.

Let me start out the discussion: 3 Botttom Line Items

1. Let us all agree to get Anthony ready for incorporation as soon as possible. It is overdue, and the county, our local legislators, and the people of Anthony should work together to make this happen. We should be realistic about the budget the city might have, but incorporation will provide a focal point for development and funds can be raised from other sources.

2. The South Valley needs to form a seamless coalition of citizens, locally elected officials, and our Washington representatives, working together to mobilize funds for development. This should be easier to accomplish now that Harry Teague is going to Congress.

3. We should encourage public forums to discuss Valley needs and try to keep everyone informed about what is happening. Transparency is essential to keep the Valley united.


Anonymous said...

Now that Otero county voted down the Spaceport Tax and we have new members of the Dona Ana Commission we need to stop the Spaceport Tax and get money for roads and projects in southern Dona Ana county. We need to do this fast because Santa Fe and Gov Richardson have not helped us.

Anonymous said...

Can this blog's webmaster tell us what they feel Congressman Teague will do to help us in the Valley. Gov Richardson and his office has over looked us for the 6 years he has been in office.

Jose Z. Garcia said...

Congressman Teague, as you can see from the results, won a huge margin over Tinsley in Dona Ana county. He will probably take Anthony citizen Art Terrazas to Washington with him, and will be well aware of our needs, but he will not know what they are unless he is informed. As they say, the squeeky hinge gets the grease. We still need a lot of help from the state, and will have to keep relying on Cervantes, Papen, Nava, and M.H. Garcia in Santa Fe. It is unclear at this point what Governor Richardson's future is in New Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Well I hope Gov Richardson gets his dream job in DC so that we can get a Governor of the people for the people. The Valley has been over looked long enough.Maybe we can get a Lt Gov from the Valley, only a wish.