Thursday, November 13, 2008

Saludos, Don Benito: The Berino Vote in 2008

The South Valley voted 68% for Obama in 2008, significantly above the 61% vote for Kerry in 2004, giving Obama a 4843 vote margin over McCain. Obama outperformed Kerry in every precinct in the South Valley. But this was far short of the 81% margin enjoyed by Governor Bill Richardson in his 2006 campaign, and Richardson outperformed Obama in every precinct except one: Berino, where Obama got an astonishing 83% of the vote, ahead of the 81% Richardson got in 2006.

Of all the political leaders in the South Valley, Benito Trevino, of Berino, was the most active volunteer for Obama, and he and a group of Berinenos worked tirelessly for Obama and other Democrats, such as Harry Teague. Looks like the hard work in Berino paid off. Saludos a Don Benito y a sus companeros: Felicitaciones!

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