Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Para Bealquin: Un brindis desde el Valle del Sur: Salud!

The selection of Bealquin Gomez to head the newly-installed offices of Congressman Harry Teague in Las Cruces (see below) appears to be an inspired choice. Mr. Gomez, who has lived for decades in La Mesa with his wife and two daughters, has extensive international experience, having traveled throughout the world during his career as an economist and extension specialist in the New Mexico Cooperative Extension Service, marketing New Mexico agricultural products, including wine, pecans, chile, cotton, and other products. He worked closely with county elected officials, providing handbooks and educational programs. He also acquired managerial skills as executive director of the Farm and Ranch Museum Foundation in Las Cruces, a post he held for a relatively short time after retiring from the Department of Agriculture. He is well known throughout New Mexico, and he speaks flawless spanish.

While Mr. Gomez will of course be responsible for helping connect citizens throughout the district to the Congressman, he should be especially sensitive to the needs of the South Mesilla Valley, inasmuch as he has lived here for many years, and is well acquainted with the people, farmers, businesses, and politicians of the Valle.

Bienvenido, Bealquin; buena suerte, te deseamos lo mejor: un brindis: Salud!

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