Thursday, March 12, 2009

HB 185 Passes Senate Conservation Committee

House Bill 185, which creates a water Authority, merging 5 mutual domestic water systems in the South Mesilla Valley, has passed through the Senate Conservation Committee, after passing through the New Mexico House of Representatives, and is now moving to the Senate Judiciary Committee. It is expected to pass through the Senate and go to the governor's desk. Should it pass through the Senate before the last 3 days of the session, the bill will automatically become law unless the governor vetoes the bill. Should it pass during the last three days of the session it will become law only if the governor signs the bill within 20 days.

There was no opposition to the bill in the Conservation hearing, and it appears it will be placed on the consent agenda of the Judiciary Committee with other bills for speedy action.

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Roosevelt Boyer said...

I am from the VadoMDWCA and am asking the Governor to please sign the bill HB185.