Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No Cases So Far in Chihuahua State; Tamaulipas Appears to be Infected

State authorities in Chihuahua revealed this afternoon they have received the results of 11 samples tested for swine flu. One had flu, but it was a local, seasonal variety, not the new swine flu variety. It is too early to tell whether anyone has contracted swine flu in Juarez or Chihuahua, but with each passing hour it appears there may not have been any early cases that initially went undetected, at least up to Saturday or Sunday. Schools, museums, bars, and other establishments already closed will remain closed until May 7.

In Tamaulipas, however, there are 48 cases of suspected swine flu, 16 of them in Reynosa, a city on the border next to McAllen Texas. Health officials hope in the next few days to distribute one million face masks in that region, especially in areas where there have been confirmed cases. 200,000 face masks have already been handed out in the state of Tamaulipas, and 12,500 vaccinations have been given.

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