Friday, April 17, 2009

Sparks Fly as Session Ends: Pictures of the Major Players

Mark Bralley, a gifted photographer and fellow blogger (What's wrong with this picture?)from Albuquerque, has sent me these photographs he's taken of Senator John Arthur Smith and House Speaker Ben Lujan. He saw my postings of the end of the session (March 21 and 22, and April 15) and was thoughtful enough to send me some pics to accompany the articles.

His blog site, (you can link to it below in my link section) has outstanding photographs of the legislative session, various portraits of politicians, including a masterpiece portrait of former Senator Manny Aragon, apparently in court for sentencing, that tells it all, in his entry of March 22, 2009. There is also a set of photographs spanning the entire career of outgoing Senator Pete Domenici. If you want to know what New Mexico politics looks like, this is required viewing.

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