Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Teague Reminds Citizens Border is Open; As of this morning, no swine flu yet confirmed in Juarez

In contrast to Congressman Eric Massa, D-NY, who called for closing the U.S.-Mexico border (see below), our own Congressman Harry Teague has issued this statement: "I want to remind all residents of southern New Mexico that the US - Mexico Ports of Entry are open. Our federal agents at the border are taking every precaution to prevent transmission of swine flu and I urge all residents of southern New Mexico to become familiar with the steps necessary to avoid becoming infected with swine flu."

So far in this emergency, Mexican and U.S. officials have acted swiftly and transparently and, it would appear, with effectiveness, in containing the epidemic as much as is possible. Experts have pointed out that closing borders and airports has simply not been very effective in the past. But rapid flow of information to the public does work. As of this morning there are still no confirmations of swine flu in Cd. Juarez, although there are still a few samples being taken for testing.

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