Sunday, May 10, 2009

14% of Chihuahua Men Believe Physical Correction Against Wives Is Justified

According to a statewide survey undertaken by the Chihuahua Institute for Women, summarized in today's Norte, 14% of the men in the state, ranging in ages from 21-61 years of age, believe physical punishment is justified ("manera justa") to correct the mistakes ("fallas") of their wives. The rate for men in the rural areas of the state, especially those without a primary school education, goes up to 24%. Among the most frequently cited justifications listed for such punishment are: when a woman goes out with another man, when the woman strikes or insults a man first, when they lie, when they are disobedient, or when they raise their voice. One out of four men admit that when they lived with their parents their fathers were verbally or physically abusive toward them.

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