Monday, May 4, 2009

About 25,000 Maquila Workers Laid Off Due to Flu Threat

The number of maquila plants shutting down in Cd. Juarez because of the threat of swine flu will increase from 27 as on Saturday to 33 today, according to the President of the Association of Maquiladoras, Soledad Maynez, who represents 188 maquila plants. This will affect over 25,000 workers. Most maquila plants will not close in deference to the threat of flu because they have fixed production schedules. Medical personnel at maquila plants are taking strong precautions with workers, doubling efforts to isolate workers with flu-like symptoms, and making sure higienic measures such as washing hands frequently, wearing face masks, and continual cleaning of door handles, telephones, and other items.

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