Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Only 40 Percent Attendance in Anapra Schools

Children in pre-school, primary, and secondary grades returned to school on Monday in Juarez. Diario reports this morning that parents, teachers, and administrators stood at the gates of the schools checking on the apparent health of each child, sending those who appeared to have symptoms to medical specialists for evaluation. No child, out of 300,000 total, was suspected of having swine flu, and between 60 and 80 were sent home with sniffles and allergies. It is unclear how long this parental and teacher filtering system will last in public schools. In some private schools parents are required to sign a form checking off whether their child has certain symptoms, such as headache, fever, and sniffles.

About 98 percent of the students returned to classrooms, except in Anapra, the small but rapidly growing community just south of Sunland Park. For reasons not explained only 40 percent of the student population has returned to school.

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