Monday, May 25, 2009

Southern Legislative Conspiracy? No Movida Here: Just a Wedding, Really

From left to right: Sen. John Arthur Smith, Chair, Senate Finance Committee; Rep. Andy Nunez, Chair, House Agriculture and Water Resources Committee; Rep. Joseph Cervantes, Vice Chair, House Judiciary Committee; Sen. Mary Kay Papen, Vice Chair, New Mexico Finance Authority Oversight Interim Committee; Rep. Dona Irwin, Member, Water and Natural Resources Interim Committee; Rep. Mary Helen Garcia, Vice Chair, Economic and Rural Development Interim Committee; Sen. Tim Jennings, President Pro Tem, New Mexico Senate

What looked suspiciously like a conclave of powerful Southern New Mexico legislators conspiring in Cloudcroft to seize more power for South of I-40 turned out to be much more benign. The occasion? The wedding of Sen. Mary Kay Papen's daughter, Allison Kuper to Gregg Smith on Saturday morning. Eyewitnesses who wish to remain anonymous assure me that during the entire three-hour event not a peep of political gossip was overheard. Do you believe that?

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