Saturday, May 9, 2009

US Surpasses Mexico in Swine Flu Cases. Nine More Cases in Juarez. Three Cases Confirmed in DAC

As of yesterday medical authorities had counted 1364 cases of swine flu in Mexico, and in the US the count has nearly doubled, from 896 to 1639, surpassing the total in Mexico. Illinois has suffered an outbreak, with 204 cases. Texas has 108 confirmed cases. In Juarez 8 new cases were confirmed yesterday, and in El Paso 12 new cases were confirmed late yesterday. In Dona Ana county a new case was confirmed yesterday, bringing the total up to 3, and in New Mexico as of yesterday the total was 31. In Chihuahua state according to Norte there have been 25 total confirmed cases. If these numbers are accurate it suggests that New Mexico, with one million fewer inhabitants than Chihuahua, has more cases than her sister state to the south. In Chihuahua city there are 11 new cases and in Delicias and Cuauhtémoc there is one case in each city. In Mexico patients with, or suspected of having, swine flu are no longer hospitalized, since the recovery rate appears to be approaching 100 percent in patients given anti-viral medication.

While the disease appears still to be spreading rapidly in the U.S. it appears to be abating in Mexico, due to the stringent measures the government of Mexico took to contain the spread.

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