Monday, June 1, 2009

Bloody Weekend: 29 executions in Juarez, 111 for the month of May

Diario reports this morning that May ended with 111 homicide victims in Juarez, in comparison with 81 in April. May 2008 closed with 136 homicides in Juarez. Five of the victims this month were women.

Among the victims on Friday were a mechanic, Eduardo Delgado Rodriguez, who was killed by a hit squad of 4 men who shot him at 1 p.m. inside an electric shop where he was working. He died in a hospital of gunshot wounds to the head and back.

Another victim, a lawyer, was killed in his automobile at 1:30 p.m. as he left his home moments after dropping off his children. He suffered gunshot wounds to the chin, collarbone, and the left side of his neck. The killers fled in a green car.

At 5 p.m. a college professor, Manuel Arroyo Galvan, a sociologist from the Autonomous University of Cd. Juarez (UACJ)driving a gray 1989 New Yorker was shot and killed at an intersection by men in a black pickup who pulled up next to him and began shooting. He slumped down on the steering wheel, still stepping on the brakes, dead.

A female police officer assigned to a walking beat, Marcela Yaneth Ramírez Soto, 37, was killed at 7:30 p.m. as she was leaving her workplace in her green Suburban. She was at a stoplight when a group of men pumped about 13 9mm. bullets into her car.

A man was killed at 8 p.m. by a commando group who left him dead on the street. Another man was killed in the Bar Anhuars, on La Paz and Globo, in downtown Juarez at 8:30 p.m. A woman was injured in the attack. Three men were killed outside the home of one of them by a group of men driving by.

On Sunday a man was killed at 10 p.m. as he was talking with two other men in col. Arroyo Colorado. Suddenly, according to witnesses, one of the men shot him.

Another man, Ernesto Duran, was killed at 10:30 p.m. on Sunday in front of a residence in col. Fidel Velázquez

Norte reports that a man nicknamed "El Chago" was killed at noon yesterday when he was shot in front of his home on Chiapas and Porfirio Diaz de Salvarcar. Apparently an innocent bystander who was walking by was killed as well. A 24-year old man was killed at Durazno and Arrollo de las Vívoras with two gunshot wounds to the head.

A 25-year old man, Gilberto Medina, was killed at 4:30 p.m. from about 12 shots of 9 mm and 45 mm bullets outside a Church's chicken restaurant at Mitla and De las Torres. Apparently two men entered the establishment and demanded money from the cash register. Medina resisted and the men started shooting. Another man was killed at Jaime Bermudez and Alberto Almeida in col. Granjas Alcaldes. The killers forced him out of his car and shot him.


Anonymous said...

Its amazing how all these killing are happening so close to the USA. Does Dr Garcia recommend americans to travel to Mexico at this time. I am coming down from Chicago next week for the NAFTA event and was hoping to visit clients in Juarez?

Jose Z. Garcia said...

The State Department has issued the following warning about Juarez, written in February but listed as "current as of...June 2, 2009."

"The situation in Ciudad Juarez is of special concern. Mexican authorities report that more than 1,800 people have been killed in the city since January 2008. Additionally, this city of 1.6 million people experienced more than 17,000 car thefts and 1,650 carjackings in 2008. U.S. citizens should pay close attention to their surroundings while traveling in Ciudad Juarez, avoid isolated locations during late night and early morning hours, and remain alert to news reports. A recent series of muggings near the U.S. Consulate General in Ciudad Juarez targeted applicants for U.S. visas. Visa and other service seekers visiting the Consulate are encouraged to make arrangements to pay for those services using a non-cash method."

The statistics are as of February. As of May 31, 671 persons have been murdered since January 1.

Anonymous said...

I have read the several postings on the killings/murders/executions that seem to occur anywhere or anytime in Cd Juarez. How much is drug-cartel related, how much is gang (but not drug-related), how much is drug cartel killings carried out to "get one's bones," and, finally, how many represent a general deterioration in social norms and are "copy-cat" crimes?

Jose Z. Garcia said...

The short answer is nobody knows for sure, but there are calculated guesses. The conventional wisdom is that the recent spike in executions is caused in great part by an effort by a rival gang, the Sinaloa cartel, headed by "El Chapo Guzman," to take over part of the business of trafficking in Juarez. Thus, El Chapo executes, say, some of the money laundering elements of the Juarez cartel, to disrupt the business, and this leads to retaliation and a spike in executions. The last such war on the border, two years ago in Nuevo Laredo, was very bloody for several months.

Then there have always been executions due to betrayals. Someone is executed for talking to drug enforcement agents, or for cheating the cartel out of money, or not paying debts that are owed.

Apparently there is very little non-drug-related gang killing, but a small percentage of killings may be due to non-drug-related feuds, recriminations, fights over women, etc.

Again, according to the conventional wisdom, as executions increased in Juarez over the last two years, non-drug-related criminals have taken advantage of the stress on law enforcement and there has been an alarming increase in kidnappings, which has led to some deaths, and other crimes.