Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fifteen Drug Rehab Centers in Juarez Close Doors

Diario reports this morning that fifteeen drug rehabiliation centers in Juarez have closed in the last few months,due to three separate instances of assassination of drug rehab personnel. Last August 1 two men were killed at a drug rehab center in col. Anáhuac. A week later eight men were killed at a different center. Last Sunday five persons were killed at a center, including the director. All in all, the closings have eliminated about 1000 potential beds for drug addicts. About 1500 persons have enrolled since the beginning of this year in drug rehabiliation programs in Juarez, and about 7000 persons per year complete drug rehab programs of some sort in Juarez.

Juarez has had a growing drug consumption problem since the mid-1990s when traffickers began using cocaine as currency in drug transactions, rather than dollars or pesos. The added presence of large quantities of cocaine circulating in town led to marketing efforts to increase local demand.

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