Monday, July 13, 2009

Auto Theft In Juarez is Up in June: Look at the Stats!

Auto theft in Cd. Juárez was up 11% in June compared with May, but auto theft accomplished through violence was up 30%, according to Isaías Flores, coordinator of the Special Unit for Car Theft Investigation, as reported in Norte de Cd. Juárez this morning by Hérika Martínez Prado .

In May 944 persons reported a vehicle stolen in
Juárez, 116 of these accompanied by violence. In June the total number reported rose to 1064, with 167 cases involving violence. In December 2008 there were 293 violent cases, so although violence is down compared to that, it is rising again.

Should the vehicle theft rate continue to at the same pace there will be approximately 12,000 reported stolen vehicles in Juárez in 2009. That would put the rate per 100,000 at about 800 (assuming a population in Juarez of about 1.5 million), far less than the 1290 per 100,000 rate in 2007 in Washington, D.C. (the worst in the U.S.), and only slightly higher than the rate of 751 in San Diego or 731 in Albuquerque in 2008, but far greater than the rate of 360 per 100,000 in Denver (Population 2.3 million) in 2008. In the Denver-Aurora metropolitan area in 2008 there were about 8500 car thefts (out of 12740 in the entire state, which has a population of almost 5 million). This placed the Denver-Aurora area 75th out of 362 MSA areas. In Washington D.C. in 2007 there were 7600 car thefts, out of a population of 588,292. El Paso, Cd. Juarez's twin city, about half the size of Juarez, reported only 2705 auto thefts in 2008, down from 2949 in 2007, for a rate of about 398 per hundred thousand population.

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