Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Beat Goes On: 17 Murdered in Juarez This Past Weekend, More This Week

Seventeen persons were executed in Juarez over the weekend. On Friday five men were executed at the Amsterdam Bar on Ave. de las Americas, one man in Col. Raul Garcia, another in Col. Corregidora, a woman in Praderas, two in Infonavit Fidel Velazquez, two in The Best Gym del Sur, and another in Col Villas de Salvárcar. On Saturday three men were executed, one of them during what appears to have been an armed confrontation with soldiers, and on Sunday only one dead body was found.

Then, on Monday morning at about 2:45 a.m. three more were killed as they left the Onix Bar on Triunfo de la Republica. Six 9 mm spent shells were found nearby. On Monday afternoon a man was gunned down on the street in front of his residence as he tried to flee from a group of assassings, in Col. Lucio Blanco. That same afternoon the body of a man was found on a path near the treatment plant behind Plaza Sendero. His body had apparently been deposited there several hours earlier. Later Monday afternoon, at about 7 p.m. two men were gunned down in front of a church in Col. Morelos, in front of dozens of witnesses. Both were about thirty years old. One was wearing an orange shirt an khaki pants, the other a blue striped shirt an blue denim pants. At about 9:30 in Col. Quintas del Real witnesses saw a white Nissan vehicle throw out the body of a dead man at an intersection.

This morning (Tuesday) Juan Lorenzo Gutiérrez Grajeda was gunned down in his carport in Col Salvárcar. At about the same time the body of a dead man, with signs of a violent death, was discovered wrapped up in a bedspread in a property known as "Rancho Nuevo" in Valle de Juarez. Also this morning, at about 9 a.m. the bodies of three men were found in the Acequia Madre ditch near the Bermudez Industrial Park. One of the victims had been decapitated. As of this afternoon the head had not been found.

Compiled from stories in Diario and Norte, Monday and Tuesday.

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