Saturday, September 5, 2009

Armed Thief Kills Partner by Mistake in Restaurant

From Norte: Patrons at the Mandilón Marinero Restaurant (Corner of Torres and Manuel Clouthier) on Thursday night were forced at gunpoint by three thieves to relinquish their wallets, one by one. While this operation was underway, the manager got into a verbal argument and scuffle with one of the thieves. Another thief saw this and, perhaps nervous or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, shot at the manager, but killed his partner instead. Miguel Ángel Escalante Ramos, apparently one of the thieves, was apprehended by federal police a few minutes later when he tried to lift his dead partner into the Jeep Cherokee he was driving. He appeared to be inebriated. The other thief got away. Federal police (PFP) had been alerted about the situation in the restaurant and responded.

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