Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Beat Goes On

Tonight, Thursday, September 24, a man was assassinated while driving an SUV in Col. Partido Diaz, after being chased by his killers. The chase went on until the assassins caught up to the vehicle and killed him at the intersection of Camino Viejo a San Lorenzo and Espiridion Prudencio.

This afternoon a man was killed in Col Anahuac at the intersection of Melchor Muzquis and Barbachano. He was wearing black denim trousers and a blue polo shirt. He was one of the persons at this intersection who made a living, apparently, by cleaning windshields while drivers waited for the light to turn green.

This morning a dead body was discovered in the Valle de Juarez (South Valley), the third victim found in the same spot in three weeks. There were signs of severe torture and the head was enveloped with gray duct tape.

On Wednesday 13 persons were murdered in Juarez.

On Wednesday afternoon a man, Eufemio Rubio Garcia, was shot to death in the patio of his home, in Col. Nuevo Hipodromo, where he was in the company of friends and family at the moment of death at 4 p.m. He was shot in the head, abdomen, and one of his arms. Eight casings were found near the body.

Later, at 7 p.m., a homicide occurred at Azucena and Nochebuena, outside the home of Hiram Rodolfo Quintero, 30, who was killed when assassins in a black Cherokee opened fire on him. At 8 p.m. a non identified man was assassinated when he received three bullets as he was walking toward a natural gas station with a container that he apparently wanted to refill. His neighbors identified him only as Gonzalo, 37 years old.

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