Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Quiet Day of the Dead: Only One (Oops, Three) Murder(s)

Perhaps honoring the Day of the Dead (celebrated yesterday in Juarez), assassins in our sister city of Cd. Juarez contributed only one person to the realm of the dead, No. 2116 so far this year. A later edition of Diario informed me there were two more killed last night, so as of this morning we were up to 2118.

Norte and La Polaka report that at about 4 p.m. Jaime García Moreno, 35, and apparently a guard at Cereso prison, entered a beauty shop (Maghor) in Col. Torres del Sur, pursued by assassins. When the assassins entered he was clinging to a woman, as if for protection. After pulling him away from her they shot him nine times in the head.

Gerardo Salinas González, 38, was shot at around 9 p.m. as he was entering his home at 859 Gladiolas. He was shot four times with a 45 caliber weapon and 14 times with a 9 mm. weapon. Another man, unidentified, was shot and killed outside a store at an unidentified location at about the same time.

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