Friday, December 25, 2009

Army Will Stay in Juarez Through March

As I predicted, city authorities in Juarez have concluded an agreement with the Mexican Army that will keep troops stationed here through March of 2010.

While the presence of Mexican troops has done nothing to stop the number of homicides, no one seems to know what might happen should the troops go home, leaving security in Cd. Juarez in the hands of newly recruited police officers fresh out of the police academy.

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GSal said...

It is still difficult to wrap your mind around the fact this occurs so close to the U.S. It just marches on unimpeded by anyone. When do the honest people of Juarez get a break? What sort of vacuum has been created by the death of Beltran Leyva? Will this be similar to the one created by the death of Pablo Escobar? When will Guzman be caught? Even the all powerful Gotti came to an end but that was with the power of the U.S. judicial system. In Mexico no such system exists. Perhaps Ramon Ayala should know for whom he is playing...wink wink. I hear Mexican jails are a bit more rustic than their Northern neighbors.