Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Group of Groups Will March in Juarez on Dec. 6th

A "mega-march" is planned for December 6 in Cd. Juarez, "to demonstrate that juarenses are prepared to take their city back," and to present a list of demands to municipal authorities. The groups will congregate in front of the Mega-flag of Mexico near the Autonomous University of Cd. Juarez (UACJ) and march to city hall, about a mile away, where they will present their petition.

Among the groups participating in the march are:

**Observatorio Juarense para la Seguridad Publica y Seguridad Social (The Juarez Observatory for Public Security and Social Security), which is convening the march. The organization has been active for several months.

**Jovenes Por Juarez (Youth for Juarez)
**Comite Medico Ciudadano Citizen's Medical Committee)
**Plan Estrategico de Juarez (Strategic Plan for Juarez, a business civic group)
**Comision de Solidaridad y Defensa de los Derechos Humanos (Commission of Solidarity and Defense of Human Rights)
**Valores (Values)
**El Pacto: ciudadania + gobierno (Pact: citizens and government)
**Centro de Derechos Humanos Paso del Norte (Paso del Norte Center for Human Rights)
**Juarenses por la Paz (Juarenses for Peace)
**Ciudadanos por una Mejor Administracion Publica (Citizens for a better Public Administration
**Consejo Ciudadano de Desarrollo Social (Citizen's Council for Social Development)

The list of demands will include the following:

1. The design of a government-society alliance, to formulate a Plan for the Rescue of Juarez, based on the recognition that the violence here is not exclusively a problem of public security, but a serious crisis of governability, which cannot be resolved using traditional strategies in the hands of police and military.

2. The fostering of an integrated social policy that can respond to the urgent situation in Juarez, dealing with its causes and, with the participation of civil society, taking care of the thousands of victims of violence.

3. The restructuring of the security forces under a single civilian command, with full authority and with citizen participation, to attack crime.

4. The immediate formation of Citizens Councils, with legal authority to work with public security officials, to participate in decision making dealing with the operation, training, and behavior of security forces.

5. The installation of a permanent assembly to be called "Solution for Juarez," comprised of groups from civil society and the highest levels of command of the three levels of government, which will sign an agreement of cooperation, designating responsible parties, establishing priorities and tasks to be undertaken, and time frames for completion.

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