Monday, December 28, 2009

Mayor of Juarez Moving to Las Cruces

One week from today the mayor of Cd. Juárez, José Reyes Ferriz, will move to Las Cruces "for personal reasons." He has been living in El Paso, away from the dangers of the city whose public security he is responsible for. Mr Reyes made this announcement in an emotional press conference last last night at municipal headquarters in Juárez.

Border Hospitality from Las Cruces?

At the press conference last night where he announced his decision to move to Las Cruces, a group of about 20 persons, apparently Las Crucens who had got wind of the move, began protesting, saying "go back to Juárez, you're going to endanger us." Another shouted, "Its not our fault if the mayor is tired of being blamed for not living in Juárez. He should go back to Juárez becaused he's not welcome here."

The small crowd of about 20 persons from Las Cruces suddenly grew larger as people in Juarez learned of Reyes' decision. "It's absurd for the mayor of the most violent city in the world to live on the other side when we live daily as hostages to criminals who extort from us and murder with impunity," shouted another protester. When the crowd outside the mayor's office, which is just a few yards from the border, got to be about 200, security forces began to safeguard the area, and Reyes was escorted out a back entrance to a helicopter Diario reported had been provided by U.S. Special Forces.

Sources: Diario and Norte, today, stories by Horacio Carrasco Soto and Pablo Hernández Batista, respectively.

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