Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday Night: The Beat Goes On: 2492 and Counting

The 142nd female victim of assassination this year year was found early this morning (Saturday) in Col. San Antonio close to the railroad tracks, where the trains go under a tunnel, very near the same spot another woman was found dead last week. The body of the woman was kneeling with her head on the ground as though she had been forced to kneel before being shot eight times through the head and back. She was wearing denim pants and a simple red jacket. She was thin, with dark complexion and her hair came down to her shoulders. In 2008 87 women were victims of assassination. From Diario

The 143rd female victim of assassination was discovered this morning, wrapped in a blanket ("encobijada") in an empty lot in col. Anáhuac. From Diario

Mexican army soldiers arrested two municipal police officers on active duty at the Aldama Station, accused of extortion. According to informed sources the owner of an exchange house complained to the army about threats he had received from the police officers. They were arrested immediately and the man who complained was taken to the Aldama station to file a statement. Norte and Diario

Five men were assassinated yesterday (Friday). A 62 year old man was found with his legs tied together with tape and a bullet wound to his head. then two men, apparently employees of a cable television firm, were shot to death as they drove a sand-colored Grand Marquis. Then another man was gunned down at Santiago and Independencia (downtown) and in the afternoon a man was killed inside a grocery store on Delicias and Oscar Flores. Norte

Tonight (Saturday night) seven more persons were added to the list of about 2485 persons murdered so far this year, bringing the total to 2492 and counting. A man about 25 year old was killed by assassins driving a dark Caravan. He was apparently walking in col. 15 de Septiembre when the attack began and he tried ducking into a nearby house when he was felled by a hail of bullets. Juarez Hoy

A man about 25 was shot to death inside an auto repair shop in Col. Independencia II. He was identified only as Jesus, a.k.a, "el pollo," (the chicken). His body was between two automobiles under repair in the shop. Diario

Two men were killed in an attack outside a home where a family gathering was taking place. Both men, 23 and 27, were shot from the same vehicle, a brown Nissan Murano. One of the slain men was inside a Toyota Camry, while the other was in a late-model black Malibu. Both, apparently, were arriving at the family gathering when a commando group attacked them.

This evening three men were shot and killed in an automobile body shop in Col, El Granjero.

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