Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2500 Soldiers Will Remain Permanently in Juarez

Mayor Jose Reyes Ferriz announced yesterday that 2500 of the soldiers recently assigned to Juárez will remain in the city on a permanent basis, acting as law enforcement officers against organized crime. 2500 soldiers were already based in Cd. Juárez before Joint Operation Chihuahua began almost two years ago, so the total number of soldiers who will remain is 5000. At the present time there are about 1200 soldiers helping municipal police in their daily activities, but these will be leaving as the 2000 additional PFP (federal preventive police) agents come to supplement the 2500 already in Juárez, as part of Coordinated Operation Chihuahua. At one point there were about 7300 soldiers assigned to Juárez as part of Joint Operation Chihuahua.

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