Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Door-to-Door Operations in Juarez Signal New Tactics

In an abrupt change in tactics, the armed forces yesterday announced it would close off access to the Col Infonavit Fidel Velásquez, and begin door-to-door operations in that neighborhood, searching for drugs and guns. Persons in the public relations department of Joint Operation Chihuahua indicated the most violent neighborhoods would be subject to these operations.

After securing access to the neighborhood a unit carrying a "molecular detector," GT 200, will stop in front of each house to try to ascertain from outside the house if illegal drugs or guns are present. In addition, automobiles will be stopped to verify registration, in an effort to control the wave of automobile thefts. If the GT 200 indicates the presence of illegal drugs of guns, agents will seek permission to search inside and if this is denied, a search warrant will be sought.

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