Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Killings of the Year, and an Armed Robber Gets Beaten by Neighbors

La Polaka reports the first person killed in Juarez this year was shot by assassins, apparently in the early morning hours on January 1, in Parajes de Oriente. Diario reports that two men were kidnapped from a drug rehabilitation center last night at about 8:15 p.m. in Col. Azteca; both were shot and dumped at the corner of Níquel y Del 57, in front of the Temple of Golgotha. The men were identified as brothers. Mario Antonio Díaz, 28 años, was dead but his brother José Manuel Díaz,32, survived, wounded in the neck, foot, and hand. Diario reports a total of seven killed yesterday, the first day of the year.

In another story reported in Diario, armed thieves tried to extort money at gunpoint from the owner of Mariscos Océano, a small restaurant on Héroes de la Revolución. The owner refused to pay, and was shot in the arm. The thieves then fled the scene, chased by witnesses and entered a residence about a block away, which was empty at the time. When neighbors saw the thieves enter they entered the house, after one thief fled, and began beating the remaining thief. Police rescued him and arrested him. This was the third case in less than a month in which citizens have chased down and beaten extortionists. On December 18 an alleged armed robber was run over by a pickup after the driver noticed that the gun the thief was using as a weapon was a toy gun.

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