Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Surprised? Cd. Juarez Again No. 1 in Homicides Worldwide

An umbrella organization in Mexico, Movimiento Blanco, is calculating (click here for story in El Universal) that Cd. Juarez is listed as the most violent city in the world for the second time in a row, with a rate of 191 per 100,000. They calculated this on the basis of a population for Juarez of 1.3 million. My calculation, and that of most people in Juarez, is 1.5 million. And the homicide count they use is 2658 (mine is 2657, for an annual rate of 177).

The organization places San Pedro Sula, in Honduras, in second place, with a rate of 119. San Salvador is third, with a rate of 95, and Caracas is fourth with a rate of 94, Guatemala City is fifth with a rate of 86, Cali is sixth with a rate of 73, Tegucigalpa seventh with 69, New Orleans eighth, followed by Medellin and Cd. del Cabo.

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