Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wanna Be a City Official In Juarez? Risks and Perks

Since Mayor José Reyes Ferriz took office two and a half years ago, more than one hundred city officials have been murdered, including three persons at the level of director, and several regional coordinators. So before you take that job, you might want to review the list of the deceased, and their positions. On the other hand, think of the perks. Verónica Argüello Jaramillo, for example, the mayor's advisor on security issues, has six police agents providing protection for her. Leonardo Villar Calvillo, the finance officer for the city, has two bodyguards watching over him twenty four hours a day. Álvaro Navarro Gárate, director of economic and financial promotion, has one body guard, as does the substitute mayor, Felipe Forneli Lafón. The warden of Cereso, Gerardo Ortiz Arellano, has eight uniformed guards protecting him, while the director of human housing settlements has ten agents guarding him, his wife, and two children. The mayor also has ten agents protecting him. In a few cases the danger has been judged to be high enough for the city to render protection to businesses owned by city officials.

Human nature being what it is, it won't be long until the social pecking order of city officials will be gauged by the number of bodyguards assigned to each.

Information provided by an article in Norte.

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