Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Beat: 14 Murders Yesterday

Fourteen persons were murdered in Juarez on Tuesday, including an eighteen month infant who was in the arms of an adolescent, also killed, who was carrying her. Another victim was found "encobijado," (wrapped in a blanket) as witnesses saw the body as it was rolled out of a vehicle in Col. Francisco Villa at 5 p.m. Also at 5 p.m. three persons in a Honda Accord were killed when the victims were exiting the car after parking in front of a pharmacy. See Diario for original story. By my count, which may be conservative, homicides so far this year are 608, with 216 killed in March. Last year at the end of March the homicide count was at 453. Remember, though, that last March was the first month of the presence of 7500 army troops in Juarez, and there was a temporary two-month lull in homicides before the pace picked up.

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