Monday, March 15, 2010

The Beat: US Consulate Employee Murdered In Cd. Juarez: Part of 24 Executions this Weekend

A pregnant mother, Lesley Ann Enríquez Cattón, 36. who worked at the U.S. Consulate in Cd. Juárez was murdered on Saturday afternoon along with her husband, Arthur Haycock Redelfs, 34, near the Santa Fe bridge after leaving a children's party given by another person who works at the consulate. A three-month old daughter of the couple was left unscathed, but orphaned, in the attack. The family was driving in a 2009 white Rav 4, with Texas plates. During the attack the vehicle hit two other cars on Francisco Villa and Bernardo Norzagary. A 9 mm. spent cartridge was found near the scene. Lesley Enriquez was found shot through an eye, and her husband had gunshot wounds to the neck and left arm.

At about the same time an SUV carrying the husband of a woman who works at the U.S. Consulate was attacked, killing Jorge Alberto Salcido Ceniceros, 37 años, a maquiladora employee, along with the husband of Hilda Antillón, a U.S. Consulate employee. Two of the Salcido children, 4 and 7, were injured in the attack. FBI agents have arrived in Cd. Juárez to assist in the investigation. Their assistance, according to a federal Attorney General spokesperson, Ricardo Nájera Herrera, will be at the level of "exchange of information" only. Click here for related story.

Lesley Ann Enríquez Cattón was the daughter of a well-known businessman in Juárez, Manuel Enriquez Savignac, whose brother at one time was Secretary of Tourism in Mexico and General Secretary of the World Organization of Tourism.

Twenty four persons, including the three mentioned above, were murdered in Juarez over the weekend, bringing the March total to 74.

Meanwhile, the PRI announced on March 10 they would nominate Hector Murguia, for mayor in the July 2010 elections. Mr. Murguia, who served as mayor of Juárez from 2004 to 2007, has been widely accused of having connections to narco-trafficking in Mexico, a charge he has denied. I will post some relevant materials when I get a chance.

Compiled from stories in Diario , Norte, Hoy.

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I was surprised to see this news item on the 3rd page of the Albuquerque Journal. What a wussy newspaper.