Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another Note from Sinaloa

It appears the violence that began to spike two years ago in Juarez is now coming to Sinaloa, where homicide rates are rising drastically compared to last year, and public reaction is beginning to set in. This is ironic, because for many decades Sinaloa has led the country in homicides, with one of the highest homicide rates in the world. In todays newpaper (Noreste, click here) there is a story about a spokesperson for the local Coparmex (a national business organization commenting on the loss of business due to questions of security, and a local association of businessmen expressed concern because of the spike in crime which has resulted in "up to five assaults on business each day." Of course in Juarez they would be delighted with only five assaults per day. In another newspaper (click here) an editorial comlplains that narco-traffickers never get caught in Sinaloa, but always somewhere else, referring specifically to the capture of an important drug figure in Tepic, in the neighboring state of Nayarit, suggesting complicity between the political sector and the drug dealers.

As in Chihuahua, there will be a governors race this year. One candidate, Jesus Vizcarra, if from the PRI, while the other, Mario Lopez Valdez (who refers to himself as MALOVA) used to be in the PRI but when he was denied the nomination for governor within the PRI party he switched to the PAN party and they made him their candidate.

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Doyle Pruitt said...

It is nice to get news from interior of Mexico, since I trafel there very little.