Friday, April 23, 2010

Possible Break in the Juarez US Consulate Murders

A member of the Azteca gang, captured yesterday in Chihuahua with several other members, has confessed to acting as a "hawk" (looking out for police) during the murder of Lesley Ann Enriquez, a worker at the U.S. Consulate in Juárez, and her husband, Arthur Redelfs. Both were killed by gunfire while driving in their RAV 4 vehicle last March 13, near the international bridge in downtown Juárez.

In a story in Diario this morning (click here) Chihuahua Attorney General
Patricia González is quoted as indicating Redelfs, a detention officer in the El Paso Sherriff's downtown facility, had had "run-ins" with members of the Azteca gang being held in the El Paso detention center, suggesting a possible motive, according to the confession. González told reporters the confession contained many more details about the murder, which will be turned over to investigators working on that case.


Anonymous said...

DR Garcia,

Will this have any effect in New Mexico "Arizona governor Jan Brewer signed into law a bill that would allow authorities to ask anyone who they suspect of being in the country illegally to prove their immigration status.

The Arizona Republic reports that the law will go into effect 90 days after the legislative session in Arizona, which is expected to be in early May."

Jose Z. Garcia said...

I will blog on this shortly

Anonymous said...

Your fans will be waiting for you reviews on the AZ new law. What will our Richardson do in protest, cut off all communications with AZ?