Friday, May 7, 2010

The Beat: Blood Wedding

Right after the wedding ceremony at a Catholic church in Juarez, gunmen arrived outside the church, killed one man and kidnapped three others, including the groom, a man from New Mexico. In a scene worthy of a Lorca play the crowd watched in horror as all of this took place, and when it was over, pandemonium. Witnesses stood in shocked disbelief. The mother of the groom was screaming that she wanted her son back. Once more a joyous occasion was interrupted by unspeakable, sudden death. Although I don't know of any statistics being recorded, I have heard several anecdotes around town in recent months about New Mexicans being touched by the violence, a brother here, a nephew there, and even a husband or two.

Eleven persons were executed in Juarez on Thursday. The church scene was only one of many.

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