Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Beat: One Thousand So Far This Year: A Review of the Record Pace

On Friday homicides so far this year in Juarez broke 1000, compared with 616 at the same time last year, which broke the previous record. In 1995, when official monthly recording of homicides began there were 295 homicides in Juarez. This remained a record until 2007, when city officials recorded 320 homicides. In 2008 Juarez recorded 1623 homicides, and in 2009, 2754. So far this year there have been 227 homicides in January, 163 in February, 240 in March, 203 in April, and about 190 so far in May, as of yesterday. For story in Diario by Luz del Carmen Sosa, click here.

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