Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Does Lawrence Rael REALLY Want These Endorsements?

Someone suggested I look at Joe Monahan's blog, from Albuquerque, (click here) for a story on Richardson cabinet officers endorsing Lawrence Rael for Lt. Governor. Sure enough, if Monahan got it right, Ron Curry, John Garcia, Jon Goldstein, Rick Homans, Katherine Miller, Ken Ortiz, and Joe Williams--all co-hosted a fundraiser for Lt. Governor candidate Lawrence Rael. This is clearly intended to be some sort of last-minute movida, but what might it be?

Is this a ploy by a few warmed-over Richardson loyalists to jump on the bandwagon of who they think might be the likely winner, hoping for some sort of back door entree to the Denishistas? Or is it an effort to clean up their Richardsonista image, which grows more negative every day, by associating with someone with an upstanding reputation? Or could it be Rael's way of signaling to other soon-to-be-former Richardsonistas that he will not shun them should he get the nod? Or is it a Richardsonista message aimed at Denish, signaling that "realists" in the Richardson camp believe Rael is the best candidate, rather than Brian Colon who, like them, has been tarnished by his close association with the governor? Or all of the above? Whatever it is, it does remind us that Rael did, after all, work for Richardson on the Rail Runner, and makes us wonder what his motives might be in associating himself so closely with the Richardson camp. Is this really going to help push Rael over the top, and if so, is it worth it?


Anonymous said...

What was Rael thinking to allow these Richardson cronnies to host a party. This is a clear sign that business will remain the same in Santa Fe.

Anonymous said...

Now Jose, just where are you gonna find anyone these days who supposedly has an "upstanding reputation" that is or was affiliated in any way with the Richardson camp? As far as those Richardson cronies endorsing Rael, I wouldn't count on them swaying a lot of public opinion his way - they've been tainted.

Anonymous said...

Lawrence Rael is the best candidate for Lieutenant Governor. The ABQ Journal had an article on Sunday, May 9th of all the candidates and their qualifications. Rael, by far had twice as much experience as the other candidates, especially Brian Colon, who is the one the big guys in Santa Fe are endorsing. Colon listed being selected lawyer of the year as his best accomplishment. Rael's accomplishments are many in number to be listed here.