Saturday, May 1, 2010

Governor of Chihuahua Sends Letter to Governor of Arizona: 1070 is bad

Mr. Javier Ortiz sent me the following information from Chihuahua:

Governor Jose Reyes Baeza yesterday sent a letter to Governor Brewer of Arizona expressing his views on SB 1070. The letter is strongly worded, highly unusual for a Mexican governor in a neighboring state. Some excerpts:

The discriminatory, racist and in violation the International Agreement on Civil Rights in effect since 1976, as well as the United Nations Treaty on the Rights of Migrant Workers. It also violates (universal principles of) human rights by authorizing arbitrary arrests via racial profiling," as has been pointed out by Amnesty International.
It establishes a negative precedent that violate commitments made at the Border Governors Conference to join forces to assure a secure and prosperous border.
For these reasons, the Government of Chihuahua has decided not to attend the XXVIII Meeting of Border Governors scheduled for Sept 8,9 and 10 in Phoenix and it has also decided to call on the rest of the Mexico border governors to reconsider their participation.
We ask citizens of Chihuahua, except in cases of extreme urgency, to avoid visiting Arizona as part of our demand for SB 1070 to be repealed.

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