Monday, June 21, 2010

Michelito Bullfight Fight in Yucatan is Mediocre

Michelito, the twelve-year old novice matador, fought again in Motul, Yucatan, yesterday, to a half-empty arena. He didn't cut any ears since his kills were not clean, but the review I read indicated he did two fine series of "natural" passes with one of this two bulls. He is ranked number one among novice bullfighters in Mexico, and out of 15 novice fights so far this season he has cut 19 ears and one tail (a fine performance merits one ear, a superb performance merits two ears, and an outstanding performance merits a tail).

"Michelito" Lagravere began fighting bulls at the age of 4 and killed his first bull at age 6. His father is a ranked matador in Spain and his mother is Mexican. To see him in action on YouTube click on the logo to the right of the logo that accompanies the headline, "Michelito in Action," to your right. If you have trouble with this paste the youtube address below.

Michelito will fight on Wednesday in Cancun with full-fledged matadors "El Zotulco" and Manolo Espinosa. On July 17 he will fight in Cd. del Carmen with Federico Pizarro, one of Mexico's finest matadors, and Uriel Moreno,"El Zapata," who used to be very popular in Juarez when they had bullfighting. Between now and August 12 he will fight in 12 different bullrings.

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