Saturday, August 7, 2010

Diario Story: Bus Drivers Are Being Hit By Extortionists

In an interesting story in Diario this morning (click here) Rocío Gallegos interviews several bus drivers for reactions to the death of a bus driver and his money collector on Thursday afternoon.

"We used to be afraid just of armed robbers," one driver said. "Now on top of that we have problems with extortionists, gun battles, and executions."

"We all go on our daily rounds with fear," said another.

Drivers held a protest during the May 1 (Labor Day) parade, asking for greater protection and arguing that they had suffered almost 400 incidences from 2009 through the first four months of 2010, and that 30 drivers had been killed either in direct attacks, assaults, or stray bullets. They claim a number of drivers have given up their jobs, while others have taken to living in El Paso or living in hiding in Juarez. While law enforcement officials promised to place undercover agents on buses, one driver told Gallegos this has never been implemented.

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