Saturday, August 7, 2010

Eleven Percent of All Slain Mexican Police Are Slain in Cd. Juarez

Public Security Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna revealed yesterday that since President Felipe Calderon became president on December 1, 2006, until July 26, 2010, 2076 law enforcement officials at federal, state, and local levels have been assassinated. Out of these, 227--10.9%--were killed in Cd. Juárez. Police assassinations in Juárez have been escalating steadily: 14 in 2007, 71 in 2008, 67 in 2009, and 65 so far this year. Out of these, 24 have been local police, 18 were federal police, 10 were from the state investigative police, and two from the traffic police. Three state agents have been killed, two guards at the state prison, two detectives from the state prosecutor's office, two officers in the state justice office, one state prosecutor, and one guard at the local jail. For story in Diario click here.

Assuming that police officers are geographically distributed throughout Mexico in proportion to the population, and since Juárez has just over 1% of the population of Mexico, this suggests a police officer in Juárez is about ten times more likely to be killed than police throughout the rest of Mexico. On Wednesday August 4 we provided statistics given out by a government agency (CISEN) that 23% of all murders attributed to organized crime since Calderon became president took place in Juárez, and that this suggests residents of Juárez are about twenty times more likely to be murdered than residents throughout the rest of Mexico.

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