Saturday, August 21, 2010

Michelito, Lupita López, to fight in 9th Novice Bullfight in Mexico City Tomorrow

The novice season is ending in the Plaza Monumental Bullring of Mexico City. Tomorrow Michelito, the twelve-year old novice who, in spite of obvious potential and desire, has been tossed around like a rag doll all summer long by bulls he couldn't handle, will fight again in the the largest bullring in the world. In his last fight there, on June 6, he was tossed by his second bull and was unable to finish.

Also on the cartel is Lupita López, also a novice, a 31-year old woman from Yucatan who, like Michelito, was tossed in the same venue with Michelito on June 6. Each of them has killed only one bull in Mexico City so far this year. The third matador is the french novice, Tomás Cerqueira, who debuted in Mexico City only last week, but without much luck. Emilio Gamero, a novice rejoneador (matador on horseback) will kill one bull as well.

Below is a YouTube clip of each of them getting tossed in Mexico City last June 6.

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