Thursday, August 12, 2010

Michelito, Twelve Years Old, Has a Bad Afternoon in Torreon

Michelito Lagravere, the twelve-year old novice bullfighter, got knocked down by a novillero (novice-level) bull, his first of the afternoon last Sunday in Torreon, and, while he killed it (without much elegance) he was unable to continue for his second bull. Instead, he was taken to the hospital. Ulises Rivera of El Siglo de Torreon reported that his first bull, Compadre, "lacked presence and style," and tossed him during a pass. He failed multiple times to kill the bull with the sword, and was not applauded when he finally succeeded in killing him. He then was taken to the hospital. A local novice bullfighter, Salvador López, finished out the afternoon, having to kill three bulls, for which he was awarded the "Coliseo Centenario" trophy. He is the first novice bullfighter in the history of the Torreon bullring to kill three bulls in one encounter. For story in El Siglo click here

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