Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Would you Rather Be Killed by a Beautiful Woman? Female Assassins Recruited, Teto Advisor Assassinated, Twenty Dead, More Juarez Guns of August

The guns of August are smoking in Juarez.

Yesterday, Sergio Raúl Natividad García, a former city councilor and city administrator during the previous administration of Hector (Teto) Muguia (2004-2007), was killed as he was driving on Tecnologico at 1:25 a.m. on Monday morning, apparently ambushed by an assassination squad. He was one of the persons Murguia most confided in, and he was expected to play a major role in the new city administration of Murguia, that begins in October. He began his political career in 2004 when he was elected councilor, but withdrew from that position when appointed by Murguia to be the director of a department dealing with new urban growth. He was on the transition team for the mayor-elect. For story in Diario click here.

Mr. Natividad García was one of twenty persons assassinated yesterday.

In a note in Diario Sandra Rodríguez Nieto reports (click here) that a man captured and accused of participating in the homicide of a police officer whose body was dismembered, has informed his captors that La Linea recruited about 20-30 young, attractive women between the ages of 18 and 25 or 30, to form part of assassination squads. They have been on salary for about two months and are learning the trade on the job. The are recruited in large part to prevent suspicion on the part of their targets, and they integrate themselves into existing assassination cells.

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