Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Narcomessage Signed by La Linea Threatens Federal Police Again

Federales. Hijos de puta salgan para partirles la madre no se escondan atte la ____.”

(My translation: Federal Police. Sons of bitches come out so we can split your heads open don't hide, sincerely La Linea)

The drug gang La Linea (the Line) has taken to signing off with a line (____) instead of writing out the word.

This was the message found painted on a wall of a municipal cemetery yesterday afternoon at 4 p.m., about 24 hours after
Rubén del Valle Martínez, a federal police agent, was killed in an ambush on his patrol car at Niños Héroes and Plutarco Elías Calles. Shortly after that ambush a group of federal agents who were closing in on a suspiciously abandoned car on Avenida de la Raza were surprised by what was later confirmed as a fragmentation grenade went off nearby. No one was killed, but the incident received a great deal of public notoriety since a Diario photographer and a unit of channel 44 news and other news media personnel were covering the event and got video and pics of the action on TV. The TV unit had some holes in it from the splinters of the grenade. Had they not been present, the story would not have warranted any coverage.

For Diario coverage of this click here.

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