Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Authorities Meetin In Chihuahua City to Define Security Measures for Ascencion

Nearly a week after the incident in Ascencion which resulted in the deaths of two young men engaged in a kidnapping attempt, the mayor of Ascencion, Rafael Camarillo, and the mayor-elect, Jaime Dominguez, met in Chihuahua with officials from Operación Coordinada Chihuahua (once called Joint Operation Chihuahua), to discuss the next steps in safeguarding the security of the people of Ascencion, according to an announcement made yesterday by Governor José Reyes Baeza.

Not only did townspeople beat to death two of the 8 or 9 kidnappers involved in the abduction of a seventeen-year old girl from a restaurant, they also pressured the mayor into firing all twelve municipal police agents and their commander. The town is now being patrolled by interim police agents and by units of the federal police.

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