Friday, October 15, 2010

Female Traffic Officer Complains to Teto About Corruption

La Polaka (click here) reports an incident that occurred yesterday when mayor Teto Murguia visited the Traffic Department as part of a public review of municipal agencies he is conducting at the beginning of his term in office. As the television cameras began to roll a uniformed female officer interrupted to accuse three department commanders, which she named, of corruption. First, she asserted, they are telling traffic police they must fill a quota of 20 traffic tickets a day; second, they are extorting $200 pesos (about $16 US) per day from officers assigned to the busiest intersections (I was almost given a ticket at one of these earlier this year, don't ask me why I didn't get it), and third, she accused them of sexual harassment. She told reporters that, yes, she was afraid of reprisals for making this statement. Teto listened and promised to investigate thoroughly, a promise, according to La Polaka, that is made routinely at the beginning of each city administration.

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