Thursday, March 31, 2016

Juarez Registers Strong Growth in 2015
Can You Spare Albuquerque a Few Jobs?

Economic recovery in Juarez is alive.  Juárez added, 32,883 jobs in 2015, for a growth rate of nearly 8%.  Vacancy rate of industrial space is down to 6.5%, down from a high of 15.4%.  This represents positive growth each quarter for the past three years.  TPI, a wind propeller manufacturer, has announced plans to add a 62-acre site (click here for El Paso Inc story).

The growth in Juarez has been led by the automotive sector, which accounts for nearly one third of industrial occupants in Juarez.

There are about 415,000 people earning salaries in Juarez.  Albuquerque employs about 388,000 persons.  But whereas Juarez added nearly 33,000 jobs in 2015, Albuquerque lost 1152 jobs between January 2015 and January 2016, according to preliminary Bureau of Labor statistics (click here)

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